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Mannheim Steamroller Reviews

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Average customer review: 1.5 star rating (1.7 Stars)

Number of reviews: 66



5.0 star rating Jeremy vest from Wilmington North Carolina


This show has been a favorite of mine for four years in a row I cannot wait to see them again for a fifth time this show was never boring or terrible to me mannhiem steamroller is the best Christmas show I’ve ever seen the orchestrations were always pretty and the snow was a big hit as well

5.0 star rating Winifred Madden, from SoNo, Connecticut


What is in the drinking water in Kenosha… my therapeutic suggestion for the woman author of the review would be to suggest to sober up, and seek spiritual guidance for relief from blaming others for not meeting her imaginary expectations of what the artistic collaborative performance event she criticizes in whole not taking responsibility for ruining her own evening as well as complaining to the rest of the public. Perhaps a shift in perspective would alleviate clashes between expectations and acceptance of the art of collaborative creative original work joyfully presented as a gift from the heart to the audience. Unless you are a thoroughly vetted performing arts critic, try to find something that you can enjoy or be open to savoring the experience presented to you. Maybe it would be a good idea to have something to eat and a nap before going out in the future. I’m praying for you to have some joy in your life. Blessings!

5.0 star rating from Los Angeles, CA


Probably one of the best live performances I have ever seen. It was incredible, so different and unique from all other music. So glad I went to go watch it for myself live.

5.0 star rating Patricia Banta from San Dimas,CA


My husband and I have watched Mannheim Steamroller twice already, the latest was last night at Agua Caliente Casino in Rancho Mirage. We truly loved the show from beginning to end. The sound system was excellent! We can hear all the musical instruments played vividly and everyone can feel the Christmas spirit on every Christmas carol they perform. I plan to take my brother next year and will continue to watch MSR every year! I have most of their CDs.

5.0 star rating Cindy Morrison from Tulsa, Oklahoma


Really enjoyed the beautiful music and the lovely visuals. Great Christmas show!

5.0 star rating Jeanne from New Orleans, Louisiana


My husband and I saw the show for the first time last night and we found it was absolutely amazing!!! Despite negative reviews, the musicians are extremely talented and happy to be performing. The light show and videos were beautiful, and the spirit of Christmas was evident! Silver bells was breathtaking, will definitely see again!

4.5 star rating Sara from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


If you're looking for an over-the-top sensory assault like TSO, this is not the show for you. This is, however, an outstanding concert with top-notch musicians and beautiful renditions of Christmas classics and original compositions.

4.0 star rating Heather Dina from Leicester, NC


I attended the Asheville, NC, concert last night. Loved the music and the energy. However, the videos in the background, and the constantly changing lights, were distracting. I would prefer 'normal' lighting, so I could see each musician as they played, which adds greatly to my enjoyment.

3.0 star rating Ashley from Kenosha, WI


My husband and I, with a few of our friends, went to see the show and weren’t that impressed. I expected it to be more of a Christmas show. They played some Christmas songs, but some I didn’t recognize. The weird NASA video in the very beginning was strange and had nothing to do with Christmas. There were many other weird videos playing behind them on the screen which I felt took away from watching their performance. The videos were old and outdated. It was an ok night, but will probably never pay to see them again. I’ll just stick to listening to their CDs because I enjoy that more than seeing them live, unfortunately.

3.0 star rating Tammy M from Peoria, Illinois


First time seeing them. Was wanting to get in the Christmas spirit- not a ton of Christmas pieces. The flashing lights were distracting and there wasn’t many performers. I could have watched a video of them at home.

2.0 star rating Robert from Jackson, Mississippi


I was disappointed in the performance. The musicians were ok, but this was billed as a Christmas performance. They only played a few Christmas songs and I am not sure what the other songs were about. The video footage behind the band had little to do with Christmas for most of the show. Very disappointed.

2.0 star rating from Providence, Rhode Island


Saw this group in Providence last night. Our first time seeing, we had high expectations based on their reputation. Agree with many above re the head scratching NASA opening, dated video behind during many of the songs, and lack of engagement with the audience. There were a few songs that sounded amazing, and during these the performers seemed much more energized, but during others they had pretty low energy and appeared bored. The violinist was highlight of the show. Also liked some of the lighting affects and the setting--Providence Performing Arts Center--is always beautiful. Glad we went (as always wanted to see them) but would not go again.

2.0 star rating S. doherty from Portland, Oregon


I found the severely dated videos/lightshow arrangement to be woefully annoying. Nothing made sense and the quality of the visuals were horrid. It was confusing, as if someone found a stash of unrelated 1980 videos and threw them in for background activity. It's unfortunate as the live music was delightful but between the videos and odd intrusive light show it took away from the musicians and concert. I witnessed other audience members covering their faces with their show programs and hoped nobody was going to be triggered into a seizure by the random flashing lights. My ticket was $65. I hope the producers of this program use some of that money and HIRE a professional artist to update their program and save their reputation/future.

2.0 star rating Michele Miller from Grand Rapids, Michigan


The first thing I noticed was how dull the stage was. The musicians just wondered out, no pizazz. The music was a mix of songs in the beginning with old videos that were poor quality on top of being weird. The musicians were talented but really left me feeling underwhelmed. Not a show I would ever pay to see again.

2.0 star rating Joel Levee from Knoxville, Tennessee


Was really disappointed in the forums play list. Probably only played five major Christmas classic songs. The majority were songs that were played back in the 1500s with a harpsichord and flute. Or the music with written by the shows producer Chip Davis. A real disappointment.

2.0 star rating Tricia from Detroit, Michigan


So show started out Christmasy and I know original album was 1985 but did the videos still need to be 1985 and not even HD? Second half was terrible with Castle reenactment scenes really weird and off and not Christmasy at all and you didn’t even hear the great music because I have no idea what the heck that was about and was most of the second half of the show about 4 songs! Literally popped out of our seats grateful it was over.

2.0 star rating Phil from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Manheim Steamroller is an acquired taste. It reminds me of Christmas radio as a kid, but is admittedly very cheeseball. At the 2022 show in OKC, the performers did a great job, but whoever does their videos is AWFUL. Decades old In VHS/Super 8 quality, the stage videos are bizarre and off-putting, nearly ruining the show with their confusing inclusions. Random sea gulls, Soul train camera effects, clip art time lapse, solar flare footage that looks like it's from a 1980's PBS special...even seasonally appropriate stuff if done with CGI so ancient as to be laughable. Nearly every video is of such TERRIBLE quality that I felt genuine embarrassment for the band. I was embarrassed just to be in the AUDIENCE. And I get your friend recently passed who wrote and sang the 1970's truck driver song "Convoy" but did you really have to play the song in it's entirety as a tribute?! Such a bizarre choices in a Christmas performance. This show needs retooled or retired, whichever comes first.

2.0 star rating Melissa F. from Colorado Springs, CO


Like all the other reviews have opined on the show would have been 10x better if they had just cut the video entirely. The videos are old, VCR or worse quality from the 70s or 80s, containing images of dolphins, weird space images, and at times culturaL appropriation. I felt bad because the musicians are clearly talented but the pairing with the visuals was truly awful and detracted from the music. Also the “tribute” to the creator was poorly timed after an actually nice rendition of O Holy Night. To go from that nice piece to banjo twanging and a weird compilation of old videos about the founding of Mannheim Steamroller was really jarring. The only songs I liked were the ones a bit more scaled back where you can actually hear the violin and oboe soloists, instead of overly synthesized big 70s band sound. I hope they hire a visual arts consultant to get rid of that because it was truly terrible. I was not a fan of the non-Christmas music. I would save your money.

2.0 star rating Terry M from Portland, Oregon


I have loved and listened to Mannheim Steamroller since the first Christmas album was released in the early 80’s. I thought it would be great to see in person. WRONG! VERY Poor sound quality; weird videos and mechanical performers. My husband wanted to leave as soon as Trump appeared in one of their videos. Need I say more!

2.0 star rating Disappointed from Asheville, North Carolina


Ok, I get it. The musicians are tired from touring and bored with playing the same music over and over. But the audience should never see that! The show lacked energy and did not engage the audience at all. The most enthusiasm we saw was as they walked offstage waving goodbye. Guess they were glad it was over. Can't say we were terribly unhappy either. The lighting effects were entertaining but most of the videos were poor quality and didn't fit the Christmas theme. Come on Chip, you could have at least made the effort to record a new video with a Christmas message for 2023. I was looking forward to hearing your daughter perform. Her voice is incredible, the video, however, looked like it was filmed during a rehearsal some time ago. Actually, it is a stretch to say that this was a Christmas show. I should I have saved the significant cost of tickets and listened to the CDs at home with a cozy fire and sparkling Christmas tree for visuals.

2.0 star rating Mary Mitchell from Waterbury, Connecticut


It started off promising, and went down hill from there. The visuals & graphics were campy & so strange they undermined the music as you sit there trying to figure out what most of it actually mean! I’m sure there were some deep meanings but it didn’t work. I was especially upset at the piece I was waiting for all night. Carol of the Bells. I had to close my eyes because the video film that played behind them was distracting & strange - In fact, go with a blindfold, don’t look. Just listen. Maybe you’ll get through it better than me. I’ll never go “see” them again I’m sorry I did.

2.0 star rating Lynn B. from Detroit, Michigan


Frankly, I wish I'd just watched a recorded Mannheim Steamroller special on TV. No live vocalist at the show. They showed videos of a vocalist singing at other venues or in rehearsal. Oh, and the videos that played throughout the concert had incredibly poor production values, had little or no connection to the music being played and jumped from scene to scene for the same song with no discernible connection. For example, we have a scene of what is supposed to be a medieval knight galloping through the countryside, scene shifts to some ocean waves, scene shifts to some scrubbly fields, scene shifts to a moated castle, scene shifts to a shot between the horse's ears, scene shifts back to the rider going through the woods....and what did any of this have to do with the Christmas song that was playing? The angels in one video looked like creepy ghosts and more fitting for Halloween. The music itself was okay, which is why this concert gets 2 stars, but the entire performance felt phoned in and all the flashing light effects won't make up for what was clearly a second-rate effort. If Mannheim Steamroller returns to Detroit in 2024 I won't be buying tickets. Maybe after all these years the Steamroller has run out of steam.

1.5 star rating James from Wilmington, Delaware


We were disappointed and left wanting after seeing Mannheim Steamroller at the Grand in Wilmington, Delaware. For those who are expecting a TSO type performance, is was not a close comparison. The quality of the the music was good in a low key type fashion, but the visuals in terms of musician performance and the video backdrops were downright poor. Was expecting much more.

1.0 star rating Rapidsrider from Grand Rapids, Michigan


We saw/heard this show in Grand Rapids, MI, leaving at intermission. We were most disappointed. The musicians appeared bored and did not engage with the audience on any level, We found the music artificial, plastic, and "pretend." We have heard Mannheim Steamroller before and have several recordings, but this was just painful to observe and hear. The only bit of relief was the University of Michigan Men's Chorus (we think) which was wonderful, but too brief.

1.0 star rating Chris L. Davis from Cleveland, Ohio


Last night was my first time to see the band. Was disappointed. What was with the videos that reminded of MTV in when they first came out and scratched my head then said what’s that gotta do with the song. Actually dozed off for a while during the first set. In the beginning of the show the leader announced that Chip’s daughter was going to sing in the second half. Yea she song in a prerecorded I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for the tickets.

1.0 star rating C.Ferrer from Cleveland, Ohio


The musicians are great, but the absence of Chip Davis and daughter Elyse Davis was a let down (program indicated she was singing a song during the second half, which turned out to be a mix of videos of her performing elsewhere) - definitely not worth the $100+ per ticket we paid, The beginning NASA video felt like we were at the science center, not a Christmas concert, and one song seemed to roll into the next with no connection with the audience.

1.0 star rating Don C from Barrington, Illinois


I had high expectations and this show fell short. The volume was low as if there were no speakers. The screen was difficult to see. The show needs a reboot. Everybody near us was saying the same thing. The one redeeming feature were the lights but even that was still so yesteryear. It you saw the show 20 years ago, it not much different now. They are milking this for all they can get without investing in updates.

1.0 star rating John Stevenson from Minneapolis, Minnesota


I used to be a big fan. Chip Davis set the tone of self promotion with a lack luster space shuttle and 1970's video. No energy from the performers - great musicians but poorly orchestrated. Should have stayed home

1.0 star rating Kelly from New Brunswick, New Jersey


I surprised my mother and daughter with this show...Was My Surprise how let down I was... Hardly a Christmas Celebration ... What was with the old horrible video displays...Not one Xmas decoration on stage.. Very Few Xmas Songs played ...The NASA Intro was NOT a good idea for a Xmas Themed Concert ... I left devastated for wasting my moms time.... That was alot of money for me to dish out for this let down ... :-( The Videos played made it even worse

1.0 star rating Barbara Valentim from Charlotte, North Carolina


So disappointing, we were guest of our friends at this event last evening. the Laser show is terrible, quality of the video graphics is awful....I have better picture on my home TV. Why we were paying to watch a video of the singer in Mexico and various cities.....flashing lights in your face.....about 40% Christmas music . the videos of NASA Clips ? why? the whole show was dated......felt like the 70's. bad. bad. bad did not enjoy, would not recommend

1.0 star rating JSF Sarasota Resident 40+ Years from Sarasota, Florida


We saw Mannheim Steamroller at the Van Wezel 11/17/2018. Venue: Small Seats, uncomfortable, hard to get past people in the rows. I've never seen the Van Wezel look worse. Cables stretched/draped along the top of the entrance doors going back to the console. What an Ugly Site! Performance: No Energy from the band whatsoever. I've never seen such straight faces in a performance before. NO EXPRESSION whatsoever. They looked bored. Pathetic. Sound: Where was the Kick Drum? We don't know, it wasn't in the mix, oh wait, they found it on ONE song, and then it was gone again. There was a string section in their "Orchestra"... couldn't hear them, but there they sat... emotionless, expressionless, not being heard. The center performer, on a riser, the one person who spoke... once, and not so well, was playing some kind of electronic pad thing... it never made a sound. Wasn't in the mix. So Very Disappointing overall. Light show was the best part of it, and that was weak. Show is Outdated.

1.0 star rating Bill M. from Riverside, California


I had planned to celebrate this Mannheim Steamroller event for months as a surprise to my wife for Christmas. The evening came. We are seating in the Fox Performing Arts Center - Riverside, CA excited to experience this wonderful group. Before the performers came on stage, we were greeted with an explosive sound from the audio system. We thought, "Okay, they are just have a minor sound check problem". The concert began with an odd NASA Space Shuttle backdrop video; no Christmas music? Hmm,.. okay, the first song from their portfolio began,... BOOM! That sound, again. It's happened every time they performed any of the up tempo songs, BOOM, ...BOOM... It was so loud and forceful you could feel the air blast from the speaker. The pain from the sound was like cannons. The poor musicians we all shock as us. Guests were streaming out the doors. They stopped the performance to fix the problem, but to no avail when they attempted to start. BOOM!! At that point, the concert was over. Our night

1.0 star rating Dave Bambaloff from Seattle, Washington


The intro was 10 mins of space and pictures of the Discovery shuttle which hasn't flown since 2011. It was long and really, very uninspiring. This was to simply plug his new CD, "Exotic Spaces". Not buying it. I was watching a cover band. This was Mannheim Steamroller WITHOUT Chip Davis! The sound was terrible. The bass drum and or bass guitar were overdriven a lot. You couldn't see the players in the back nor for that fact, any players in front. They had a jumbo tron but no camera to highlight or show individual performances. And I have a suspicious why that was. There seemed to be a lot of music being played when no one was playing at all! And there were missed notes and stumbles. And to make matters worse, Chip would put in a plug to hock his item via the jumbo tron. Bad taste I thought. Won't go again...Stick to the CD's As for seating, the Paramount could be better. The seats don't stack up to see in front of you.

1.0 star rating Mr. Show Critic from Costa Mesa, California


The gravity of a traumatic event is often difficult to articulate to those who are unfamiliar with one’s life experiences. I, however, find solace in knowing that I am not alone in my suffering. For I know there have been many others here who have had the misfortune of witnessing the sheer and utter train wreck that is Mannheim Steamroller Christmas. This musical monstrosity, created by Chip Davis, is almost virtuosic in its orchestral incompetence, and irrelevance as an artistic piece. You may find this invective unfair or unwarranted, but please allow me to elaborate. The very idea out of which this show was born was a destined for failure. The show program proudly bills Chip Davis’s unique blend of Renaissance and modern music as, “18th century rock and roll.” Well, let’s first move past the fact that the Renaissance period actually occurred between the 14th and 17th century, and instead indict the ear-twisting amalgam of passé 1980’s synthesizers, flimsy electronic brass sections, harpsichord, lute, dulcimers, and yes, even recorders. The end result is the tonal palette of 1980s T.V. theme song, and musical pieces that sound as if they were written for a forgotten straight-to-video Princess Bride sequel. Secondly, Chip Davis’s tediously bland orchestration and inexplicably frequent use of chimes seem to only be punctuated by irrelevant and dated videos, shameless self-promotion, and pathetic montages of what I assume were the long lost golden years of Mannheim Steamroller. Lastly, and perhaps the most telling, were the use of prerecorded sections throughout the show. Why wouldn’t Chip have live performers for those parts? Why would such a runaway musical phenomenon have trouble attracting talent? Could it be conflicting schedules? Cost Overruns? Lack of musicians talented enough to perform such masterfully written pieces? My guess is that those canaries have long since stopped singing. Whatever the reason for the prerecording might be, they were a blatant reminder of just how cheap and superficial the entire performance felt. After the performance, I felt genuinely shocked that Segerstrom Hall would host such a truly awful show. As a respected stronghold for the arts in Orange County, one might expect an evening at Segerstrom Hall dedicated to the masterworks of Beethoven or Rachmaninoff. However, Mannheim Steamroller stands in contrast as the aural equivalent of a Thomas Kinkade painting. Perhaps even more shocking was the reaction from many in the audience. Rather than a violent horde baying for the blood of Chip and his hideous creation, I witnessed many in the audience who were delighted by the spectacle. I questioned my sanity before finding good company in the negative online reviews (1.5 stars on yelp). So please, if you are planning on attending any future Mannheim Steamroller Christmas performances I beg you to consider donating the money instead to any reputable charity. Together we can spread Christmas cheer by simultaneously helping those in need this season, and ensuring that no one will have to suffer what so many of us have had to endure.

1.0 star rating Don Cape from Albany, New York


Worst show ever. Have seen their show many times since the late 80s No special effects , like the horse scene and the renasance scene with stage actors paticipating with movie scene, really neatly done , no special effects, when we saw years back. What has happend to this show?? I have all the old tapes CD's large snow globe with train running around outside of globe. ( still works ) Sorry guys , will not see you again. Your getting old. Retire!

1.0 star rating Coloradobuddy from Denver, Colorado


Stage lacked Christmas decorations, music was okay, but musicians seemed un-interested. Since group has split into two venues, they seem to just want your money. I hope Chip leaves Elyse a large inheritance, she is not going to make a career from singing. I have seen many of their Christmas shows 20+. this one is by far the worst.

1.0 star rating Pam from Bourbonnais from Chicago, Illinois


Very strange videos ruined beautiful music.. with all the beauty and magic of Christmas.. only a few song’s showed that.. waste of time and money..

1.0 star rating John from Denver, Colorado


Unbelievable. So sorry I missed the Nutcracker for this.

1.0 star rating Joy Sanford from Dallas, Texas


Venue disappointing. Seats so close together it was like a cheap airplane ride with very uncomfortable seats. Concert was very disappointing. This was their 35th anniversary your, I expected so much more. They need to update their backdrops and movies. They were out of date. Musicians we're good but not anything special. Claps were limited

1.0 star rating Geoff from Chicago, Illinois


The actual artists appeared to be hired hands - playing in the shadows. Attention was given, rather, to a super cheap series of extremely random videos. The music was great, but felt as though I was listening to a cd with live accompaniment. Very poorly executed.

1.0 star rating Vic dillingham from Little Rock, Arkansas


I’m in Charleston SC at the Gillard center right now at the concert. It just has to be the worst concert ever! Omg. This is crazy I paid over 200 dollars for two seats. This is like a Bad B movie! The videos are horrendous…. For the love it’s awlful !

1.0 star rating Barbara from Minneapolis, Minnesota


Don’t waste your money. It was not more then a commercial to sell outdated product. Weird videos — it took the cheer and magic out of Christmas and it would have frightened children—- sadly cheap and wanting for even a candy cane or a Christmas cookie....Very disappointed....Chip needs to hang it up!!!

1.0 star rating Barb from Green Bay, Wisconsin


The Weidner Center is a perfect venue for a concert, but not this one. I would give it 0 stars if I could. The guy dancing in the video in the tank top was repulsive. It was disrespectful not to introduce the 9 members of the Mannheim orchestra. The concert is nothing without them. What was with the soloist singing in the video? The video with the renaissance meal wasn't necessary. Don't want to forget about the signing lips on the video. That was creepy. Intermission felt more like an infomercial trying to sell merch. I have always enjoyed their music. This concert was a big disappointment.

1.0 star rating Michelle from Lowell, Massachusetts


Bought these tickets for my 78 year old mother who loves Christmas. Expected a Christmas show. I can honestly say this was the worst show I have ever been to in my lifetime. The musicians were good. The show was so poorly produced and lacking any energy. No stage presence or charisma by anyone on stage. The videos on the screen behind the stage were so weird and bizarre. This show could have potentially been wonderful because the music is good, but it was just plain awful. Myself, my mother, and my two adult daughters ended up with the uncontrollable giggles because we couldn’t believe what we were witnessing and that we paid $100 per ticket for this.

1.0 star rating Faye Ingram from Charlottesville, Virginia


We had orchestra seats. Great view! The concert was at best a 1 rating. The videos played in the background were very distracting, as we went to see Mannheim Steamroller, not a video of a horse running endlessly or a guy in leotards leaping through the air. This is my first time seeing this group and will not recommend them or see them again. We had a party of 6 and we all agreed this was not what we expected.

1.0 star rating Cheryl from Green Bay, Wisconsin


I’ll leave it with…cannot for the life of me listen to their music anymore…flashbacks of the absolutely horrible videos subjected to the entire night…should have left at intermission….all around sad….just sad…

1.0 star rating Alice Jones from Charlottesville, Virginia


Terrible Very disappointed with the entire production. The videos were terrible and the musicians were not engaged with the show. I would not recommend this to anyone. Save your money.

1.0 star rating TCP from Birmingham, Michigan


Like watching HD? Me too - apparently 1985 called and wanted SD back for the entire show! Plus - the music fine - what the hell was everything else? The Christmas Day dinner from the 1400’s of people gorging and getting wasted and what - like you think your family is annoying at Christmas - I was happy it was over. Tremendously disappointing because I took my daughter to the Fox for the first time and we were so excited and then….

1.0 star rating Dennis Johnson from St Louis


Paid to see a live show, not videos! On one song, the performer was on tape from Omaha. Did they use avatars? From the reviews above, Mannheim Steamroller left a trail of waste all across the US with this show. And, they can’t blame the pandemic for this.

1.0 star rating Mona from Jacksonville, Florida


Terrible show with David Foster in Jacksonville, FL SAD... pride brings about a great fall ...

1.0 star rating Susan W from Durham, North Carolina


This was a disappointing waste of time and money. I was looking forward to getting into the holiday spirit. Instead I had to view poor quality videos that looked like they were produced in the '80s that had no relation to the music they were background for. What do whales, dolphins (and their sounds) and Greek ruins (poor video quality) have to do Christmas music? What does a pirate or cloaked horse rider, riding frantically through the woods, with shots of the ocean and the coast, and then a Scottish castle with Santa & Mrs. Claus and to do with Christmas music? Chip Davis marketing (hawking) his products on video during the concert, including suggesting using the QR code in our program to make purchases, was over the top. Watching women in leotard in silhouette walk like an Egyptian across the screen, then see lips move across the screen to Carol of the Bells was the finale. Some of the music was very good. Some was mediocre. Not worth your time-or keep your eyes shut.

1.0 star rating Minsos from Palm Desert


Too few moments of great sound, too much repetitive percussion, too many similar faces, too much self congratulation, too much sell, too much “jingle-type piano,” too much money for too little enjoyment.

1.0 star rating Neil from Morristown, NJ


We expected a live Xmas show 12/3/22 full of Xmas music. I guess the whole audience were too. But it seems that Mannheim doesn't care about it's audience and are going to educated us about chip, chip's daughter and the history of Mannheim steamroller and chip's other hit. And so we got: - no live singers - chip's daugher was pre-recorded on video and the band played along - some Xmas music, 1 baroque tune, mostly non xmas - a video of chip's other hit "convoy" with the band thrashing along to the record - chip talking to us from a diner in Nebraska - weird dated vhs quality videos of dolphins, a medieval enactment, ghostly angels, tropical sunsets - all in 640x480 blurry vision. I struggled to look away, but it was in your face - chip on video inviting us to shop for Mannheim steamroller merch from our seat (not tempted) - some self promotional video with the band playing on late night TV and to different ex-presidents (but different musicians) I wonder how this show got so lost

1.0 star rating from Detroit Michigan


If you enjoy 1980s VHS videos in 2022 this show is for you. Loved the music but nothing Christmas about it. Seagulls and dolphins from a video recorder. Had higher hopes and couldn't wait for it to end. What the heck was that terrible country twang song before the intermission. Trans Siberian Orchestra blows this out of the water by a landslide?

1.0 star rating Gallagher from Denver , CO


If you like old videos of Greece and Angels that look like the Dementor's in Harry Potter this is the show for you. They played CW McCalls “Convoy” out of no where. Not a Christmas Show! Save your money and watch them on YouTube.

1.0 star rating IryeElena from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


My high hopes and expectations for this show both were dashed. I purchased tickets for our ninth anniversary and to celebrate the season, and from the first note of the welcome music to the last before we left at intermission, the sound was excruciatingly shrill. Whoever mic'd the piano and harpsichord need a refresher tutorial, the light display was mediocre, the video and graphics that played throughout the show were confusing and amateur, and the self aggrandizing by Chip Davis off-putting. Upon leaving, my husband and I stopped for a drink at Proper Brick Oven and enjoyed the rest of our evening there. At this point, I can't bring myself to listen to MS music ever again.

1.0 star rating Diane Power from Rosemont Illinois


I looked forward to giving this show to my children and grandchildren as a Christmas present. I am extremely disappointed that I made this choice. Don’t bring it to Chicago again

1.0 star rating Charlie Roy from Nashville, Tennessee


I hope Chip has a bank full of money from years ago....... this was pitiful!

1.0 star rating Won’t be back from Clearwater, Florida


Talented musicians!!!! That concludes the positive portion of this feedback. They played videos behind the musicians, God knows why they did this, it was distracting and beyond words, horrible. The videos made absolutely no sense at all, if you went while taking mushrooms, you possibly might enjoy the videos or get completely freaked out. It looks like they went back to the 70s and found a VCR player and played whatever was in it. And then there’s the light show, I’m pretty sure they hired a blind guy to run them. They had a large portion of them facing the audience so we were blinded about 50 times. The entire audience had their hands up to block the lights. I mean, the video’s, omg, so so bad. There was one part where a guy is swallowing a sword, I mean, what does this have to do with Christmas! And lastly, some of the non Christmas music. No thanks.

1.0 star rating Katrina Price from Seattle, Washington


Music was good, but show was disappointing. They had a video of a singer which was odd. For the cost of a ticket I expected a singer, not a video of one! Much of the concert was them playing along with a prerecorded track. Really??? Raaannndom videos played behind them…grainy, old, blurry videos. Super cheesy. Musicians didn’t move…at all! They could do soooo much better than this! Time for a revamp of the show! For the money, go see Transiberian Orchestra. Sooooo much better.

1.0 star rating Karen Smith from Phoenix Arizona


If you're looking for a Christmas uplifting experience stay far away from this dark disappointing performance. Not worth the money. They shouldn't be allowed to use the word Christmas in any performance promotions. The performance left you as cold as if you were in Siberia!

1.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


This was truly the worst show I’ve ever seen. Terrible music. Horrible audio and visual quality. They should feel bad ripping people off for this garbage of a show. I wouldn’t go see this again if they paid me. It was pure torture- left before intermission.

1.0 star rating Mary from Detroit, Michigan


Red Tour much better last year. Green Tour this year BORING. Very disappointing! No energy, lacked enthusiasm and interaction. Sluggish. Time to update the videos.

1.0 star rating Kate L. from Detroit, Michigan


Don't waste your money on tickets to this over-hyped tired show. You will be better off finding a recorded version and watching it on your TV at home. The videos used in the show are horrible and rarely relate to the music, the performers don't interact with the audience in any fashion, and the light show is truly dated. This event is long past its prime.

1.0 star rating Patricia Scheid from Grand Rapids, Michigan


I would have left had I not paid so much and had my family attending. Even with box seats, could not see the musicians. Disorganized, strange old videos in background were distracting and unsettling at times. The self promotion video was amateurish, all an attempt to be relevant. NEVER AGAIN (would appreciate a refund). Surprised this venue would book them.

1.0 star rating Anonymous from Knoxville, Tennessee


The musicians are very talented, but the show is a hot mess! Old, weird videos of dolphins, the Acropolis, birds, the woman who was supposed to be singing but wasn't there (that's a ripoff), and then the Convoy !!?? after a beautiful rendition of Oh Holy Night? Every song pretty much sounded the same and the lighting effects were sensory overload. It really was a disaster and we couldn't bare to sit through the second half. I felt like I was at a mega church event, something I never wanted to experience. What a bummer.

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